Standardized Testing

  • I guess on the answers I don’t know. By doing this I have a chance of getting the answer correct still by luck. It’s not ideal but it’s better than a 0% chance of getting the answer right.
  • I star the answers I don’t know or am unsure of and move on. This way I can quickly identify the questions I need to look over more. This helps me save time and get through the entire test. It also ensures that I show what knowledge I do have because I have enough time to correctly answer the questions I do know how to do.
  • If I have time I check my answers using a different method. This helps to make sure my answer is correct and helps factor out if I used the correct formula.
  • When doing hypothesis testing and confidence intervals I check my answers before writing my statements. By doing this I make sure I have the right answer before I draw conclusions from it or make inferences from it. It is also annoying to go back and fix an entire hypothesis test because they are so long.
  • I try to breathe and relax. There’s two tests the actual test and getting through testing.
  • I cram the week of the test. In subjects like history, math, and science you have to know the test material pretty well.
  • I rest the night before. You don’t want to be tired or sleepy on the big day.
  • I TREAT MYSELF. Testing is stressful.

*Please note that standardized testing doesn’t measure your intelligence or self worth. It is just a number and a measurement. Sometimes measurements aren’t that accurate.*


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